Monday, 7 July 2014

Food & Fitness & Wimbledon

Happy belated 4th of July to all my American readers. Sorry once again that I went missing in action last week. There was a world-wind of activity and chaos that happened the end in order to get ready for our trip to Wimbledon and sending the boys off to their cousins for the weekend. I thought I might have had a chance to blog but I really did not.

Anyway, we had a blast at Wimbledon and had a lovely weekend away. It was the very first weekend we have had without the boys since Francis' birth 3.5 years ago!! It was much needed and appreciated!
My outfit (horrible selfie sorry) -someone said this was the Pretty Woman dress!
It was actually funny how we ended up at Wimbledon. I received a phone call about a month ago saying that I had won VIP tickets to the Ladies Final at Wimbledon through my local supermarket's loyalty card and by using that when I bought Robinson's Squash (a fruity drink over here in the UK and one of the major sponsors of the event). To be honest, I didn't believe the lady on the phone when she called to tell me of my win and was waiting for the hook (of course you just need my bank details!). I get a lot of junk calls! Anyway, she said the tickets would arrive about 10 days before the Ladies Final and when they actually did arrive (I even had to sign for the package) we finally started getting excited!

Outside Centre Court before the rain.
We went down to London on Friday night and checked into a nice hotel in Chelsea (it was a treat weekend after all) then on Saturday bright and early we headed into Wimbledon. Upon arrival we had a coffee reception at the Wimbledon Club (the oldest club in the UK) and then got right into the Champagne! After that we had a lovely 4 course lunch. We then made our way over to Centre Court for the Ladies Final. It was a bit of a disappointing match (very quick and very one sided) but we learned that we could stay and watch any of the other finals on the centre court that day!

Our tickets and private bar passes!

After more champagne and strawberries and cream we were off to the Men's Doubles Final (which had 3 American players and a Canadian) and boy did that match rock! These men were awesome and very well matched. The match lasted for ages as well and was very exciting!

Roof closing due to rain...surprise, surprise!

Ladies Final (Buchard v Kvitova)
We didn't get to see as many celebs as I had hoped (as they all went to the Men's Final the following day) but we did see the Duke of Kent, Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend, Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley and sat behind us was Vanessa Redgrave, so all in all pretty good sightings! :)

This week may be a bit more boring compared to last but here is the plan:

Sunday- Lasagna with Garlic Bread (at my sister-in-law's)
Monday- Chicken BBQ Pizza (need to do food shopping!!)
Tuesday- Lamb HotPot with Courgette
Wednesday- BBQ (My brother-in-law is over from Africa so family will all be around)
Thursday- Stir fry with rice
Friday- TBD (we are supposed to be camping this weekend weather depending)
Saturday- TBD

Sunday- Rest (away)
Monday- Rest (normal rest day)
Tuesday- Rest (I hurt my knee last week, so I have been taking it easy in order to heal)
Wednesday- Possible Group Training or Rest
Thursday- Possible Running Club or Rest
Friday- Personal Training (upper body)
Saturday- TBD

Running with Racheal

Have a good one! 

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