Friday, 13 March 2015

Recipes, Poldark and Stary Plum... #littleloves

Another busy week has flown by, but to be honest I'm sort of glad. I haven't been sleeping well and am looking forward to a more relaxed weekend. Although, I'm not sure relaxed is what I'll get this weekend as we have a friend's 40th birthday party tomorrow night and will most likely be out with my husband's mother on Sunday morning...oh well! :-)

I haven't really read much this week. I have read a bit of my second Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum) mystery but I really haven't had the time and I've been so tired at night that I have just been going straight to sleep instead of reading, which is what I normally do.
I have however been reading through a few recipe books to get some ideas for suppers this week. Trying to cook more for the whole family (instead of a meal for the boys and a meal for me and the husband) and a little more healthy too!

Great family cook books for busy mums!
Poldark! Awesome! My very good friend got me into the Winston Graham  Poldark series about a year or two ago and I read every single one (there are 12) with delight and now it is a TV series! Yay! Can't wait to see how it all progresses. So far so good :)

BBC's Poldark is so good!

The word 'NO'! Honestly, you have thought I had teenagers living in my house but it is my toddler who is using the 'N word' consistently all week. Fingers crossed this is a short lived phase :)

I made loads of things going into last weekend: a Batman game, a parcel for pass the parcel, cupcakes (buns), superhero masks, etc... So this week I am taking some time off making anything spectacular! However I did manage to make a quite delightful smoothie! Yum :)

Sorry this was the before photo. Smoothies don't last 2 seconds in this house :)

New eyeliner by Clinique: Stary Plum. I have had this deep purpley shade for ages but it always runs out! ;) This time, I ran out ages ago and only just got around to replacing it. I love this eyeliner as it slides on smooth and it is such a pretty color which goes so well with hazel eyes.

So pretty!

And lastly...
Happy Mother's Day and have a nice weekend! Fingers crossed you all get a lie in :)



  1. Poldark was great wasn't it? Perfect Sunday night viewing. Hope you get to have some relaxation amid the busy-ness this weekend xx

    1. Thanks Morgana! Hope you have a great weekend and lovely Mother's Day with your beautiful girls :-) xx #littleloves

  2. That books looks interesting, trying to do the same here too! We want to get a nutribullet to get making more smoothies! xx

    1. We love smoothies here. Sadly, I only have a basic blender but it works well enough for now. Keep us posted if you do get a nutribullet they are supposed to be awesome! :-) #littleloves

  3. I love a good recipe book binge, and those smoothies ingredients must have made a delicious treat! Hope you have a lovely weekend too xx

    1. Hi Alice, the smoothie was delish too bad they don't last long here. I think we need to start making them daily :-) Thanks for stopping by! xx #littleloves

  4. The word 'No' features heavily in our lives right now too, my girl also adds a 'why not' every now and again! You've inspired me to get back on the smoothies too.

    1. It is frustrating to keep hearing 'NO', but I'm just staying strong ;-) I do on occasion get an 'of course mummy'. So we'll aim for more of those! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by :-) xx #littleloves