Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Early Risers

This morning we were all up at the way too early time of 5 am! This was not due to an alarm being set or a date with the gym,  but because a very cheerful, wide-awake 3 year old was ready to get up and play.

Both my husband and I like a lie in (like most parents I'm sure) and obviously since having the little ones that has changed. Lie ins are rare and in fact not what they used to be (no more midday waking). I don't mind waking for the day at 6:30 am but any earlier is just not good.

A grumpy mummy is not the mummy you want to have around. Not even a full cafetiere is  going to help when you have to wake up at 5.

So what are a tired mummy and a daddy to do?

We have been back and forth on what is socially acceptable, what is actually possible and what is most sane for everyone involved and we have decided on the following solution:

Step 1: prepare two bowls of breakfast type snacks and milk to drink
Step 2: prepare the hallway and boys' room with appropriate toys
Step 3: get the tablet queued up with an age appropriate film or CBeebies

Despite having about an additional half hour or so to sleep after they are busy munching and playing. I still feel horribly guilty about leaving them to their own devices, using 'TV' as a pacifier and not being 'that mummy' who is up just before them dressed and ready to start their day with something productive like painting or a puzzle.

We have tried going to bed earlier to prepare for the early wake up but I feel that 5 am is still too early for toddlers to be up.
We have been advised on the Gro-Clock phenomenon where the clock shows the toddler that when the sun is up and the colour is yellow it is ok to get out of bed. However, our toddler has trouble listening to us never mind a clock. He would without a doubt ignore that clock and be on to his usual 5 am time to wake up mummy.

We have also tried sending them to bed a little later, but alas...

Anyone else struggling with early risers? What have you tried? 

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