Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I'm A Mummy

Ever since joining Twitter I have been getting to know a whole new blogging community. A group of bloggers who have been brought together in the world of blogging by the the fact we all write about being mums.

New mums, mums of 6, pregnant mums, mums that live in the city, mums that live in the country, and those who have been mums for years (the mums of teenagers really really have my respect!). As I was perusing some of these newly found blogs I came across one (so sorry I completely lost track of whose it was-let me know if you are reading this or know which one I mean) in which the author has a part of her blog dedicated to her.

This part of her blog gave an inside look at who she is in addition to being a mummy. I loved it! At first I didn't think too much on it but after a conversation I had with my lovely nail guy about how I ended up in the UK, it really made me think. Who am I besides being a mum to two wonderful little boys? Am I still the woman who just got up and moved to the UK? So, I thought I'd do a post on who I am, as I really believe it is important to not lose ourselves even though we have had one of the biggest changes in our life...becoming a mum.

I am a Daughter
I am a Sister
I am a Niece
I am a Cousin
I am a Godchild
I am a Wife
I am a Dog owner
I am a Friend
And I am also a Mummy!

I am Intelligent (I have a BA, MA and MBA)
I am Silly (entertaining anyway)
I am Honest
I am Kind
I am Stubborn
I am Patient
I am Loving
I am Tired
And I am also a Mummy!

I love Spa Treatments (manis, pedis, massages, facials...but don't always have the time)
I love Fashion (a friend told me I was the most fun person to flip through Vogue Magazine with!)
I love High Heels (but very rarely wear them any more)
I love the colours Purple & Green
I love Champagne, Chocolate & Coffee (not necessarily in that order!)
I love Mystery/Detective shows & period dramas (Castle and Downton anyone!)
I love Curries (and most spicy foods)
I love to Read a good book (starting 50 Shades of Grey...a little late I know)
I love being a Mummy!

I want to Travel to Morocco
I want to Have one more little one (not yet though)
I want to Write a book and get back into Marketing/PR
I want to Complete a triathlon
I want to See more of my family
I want to Learn how to put on make-up better
I want to Visit with friends more
I want to Be a great wife
I want to Raise happy healthy children!

I am a Mummy!

These are just a few things (honestly once you get started you can just go on and on!!). ;-)

Who are you in addition to being Mummy?

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