Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekly Plan & Sports Relief Race Recap

Hoping everyone's Monday was good! Sorry once again that I am posting my Weekly Food & Fitness Plan a little late. I really truly thought that I was going to have it up last night but the weekend was so full of things and with my race and a date night on Sunday I was not really in the mood for a post.

This weekend was a pretty full one by our standards. On Saturday we had another 3rd birthday party at a gym with a bouncy castle and picnic lunch. It was a really nice party actually not too over the top and with just the right amount of family and friends that didn't make it overwhelming for the children. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Dylan spent most of the time running away with a little girls baby doll and jumping as high as he could manage on the bouncy castle; Francis climbed and jumped off some giant soft blocks and tried to coerce us into probably more cake than he should have had; while Dad practised his basketball hoop jumping! Ah boys! 

On Sunday morning we headed out to the Sports Relief Race. It was my first official 5k race in awhile, but it was not really what I was expecting (it wasn't even timed)...which was a bummer but it was for charity so I suppose it was pared down a bit to save on cost. The weather was awful: hail, rain, winds and some sun and the route was on a gym track so it was 12 times around for me and my friend. I am not too keen on track running as I find it very boring and sometimes lose count of the times I have been round but I kept count this time! 

I am furtherest runner on right my friend is in the black and blue!

I had my husband time me on his iPhone so my time wasn't totally accurate but I added about 30 seconds to his time and ended up with a PB of 28:30! I think even if I had added a minute it still would have been a PB as I seem to be pretty slow especially in the wind. I was really happy with the run in the end and it was my friend's first ever race so I ran back to help her finish it off. She really rocked it! 

After the run we headed home, got the boys down for a nap and I went to the gym for some Pilates. After that did some food shopping, showered and then my in-laws arrived to babysit while my husband and I went out for some Mexican! I was pretty excited about having Mexican food as they don't really have it over here. It was good but not authentic. The best part was the bartender thought my husband and I were on a first date and still at University! Yes!! Felt pretty good after that. :-)

Running with Racheal

Sunday- Mexican (chicken fajitas, chips with salsa, cheesy jalapenos)
Monday- Soup and Toast
Tuesday- Steak Pie with Mash and Peas
Wednesday- Quiche with Salad
Thursday- Husband's choice
Friday- Take Away
Saturday- Lasagna with Salad

Sunday-5k Race & Pilates
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Swim
Wednesday- Pilates
Thursday- Spinning & Running Club (5k+)
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run 5k

Have a nice and relaxing night! 

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