Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Two Little Boys Running In Different Directions

Yay! Another sunny day in Yorkshire. I can now confirm that I definitely have Spring Fever! I can not wait for warmer weather and more sun, sigh! 

So now that the weather is getting a bit nicer (fingers crossed it stays this way), the boys and I have been venturing out much more during the day. Sometimes we have lovely walks on the greenway near our house with little chaos. Other times (when I am feeling brave) we have extreme chaos and shenanigans at a playground or park. 

Calm walk on the greenway

I definitely want my boys to love the outdoors and be active, especially when the weather is nice. I have been trying to promote outdoor play, more so recently, but I also find myself tremendously stressed when we do venture out. Here's an example:

Yesterday we were out with a friend of mine and her 2.5 year old. Her son quite happily played on the playground and she was able to chat with me...Well, she would have been chatting with me if I wasn't the crazy lady running around the playground shouting 'I've lost one...where is he...wait you come back here...oh no now where's the other one!' My youngest (a very daring little monkey, who no longer wants to be in his pram) was at the top of a climbing frame waving and shouting 'na-na-nana-naaaahhh!!' My oldest was at the top of another climbing frame holding up the queue for the slide and then once down was running in front of the swings. Danger, warning!!! 

Trying to escape a fenced in park!
After about 37 minutes I was done. I picked up two screaming boys after tracking them both down mind you, and told my friend; 'Sorry but it is time for us to go'.

I am in a bit of a pickle really. The boys weren't being bad or misbehaving. They were both having fun and getting some pent up energy out, but I was a ball of stress and worry. I definitely felt out of my depth and wished in that moment that there were 3 of me. One of me to watch one, one of me to watch the other and one of me to sit and chat with my friend. I guess that might sound selfish but every now and again I need some mummy to mummy time while the boys play. I guess I am not sure how to let the boys play and enjoy their independence while not going completely mad. 

All's well when they don't mind being in the pram.
I am assuming it gets better with age and that next year these park and playground times will be much more calm. It is also more calm when my husband is around to help but I don't want to only take them out when he's home as that would be weekend only adventure play. 

I love my boys, I love that they can have fun and play outside, but I am not too sure about how to let them do that without me going crazy. 

Any tips? Do you have two or more close in age and if so how do you handle outings on your own? 

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