Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Off the Wagon

So you probably remember a few weeks back; the boys and I were sick with chest infections, sinus infections and colds. Those illnesses took over our house and our day to day lives and lasted 5 long weeks! It was at that time that I fell off my healthy eating wagon.

It was difficult to put effort into going to the shop and getting fresh ingredients. It was difficult to get up off the couch or out of bed and cook a healthy meal. All my effort went into making sure the boys were well looked after and I spent very little time or effort on my health (besides taking truck loads of paracetamol and my antibiotics). I took consolation in the fact that after we were all well again I would be back to my old ways: shopping for healthy fresh ingredients, cooking lovely meals and working out at the gym.

The working out at the gym happened. Heck, I had a race to train for I couldn't let my friend down and pull out after 1k. So I managed to get myself back out running, spinning and strengthening my core with Pilates. What didn't happen was getting back on the healthy eating wagon. I was a little lost again.

This is what I should be eating. 
I'm not going to mess around. I know what healthy ingredients are. I know how to follow a recipe and cook nice meals. I know how to organise my time. I know how to prioritise. So why the heck haven't I done it? It is a slippery slope for me, my friends. It all starts with some take-aways. Then a slice of birthday cake or two. Before you know it, I'm back to two or three pieces of jammy/buttery toast for breakfast and a large greasy pizza for my evening meal. I think it is probably laziness, but I am still in the process of trying to evaluate the 'real' reason. I am embarrassed.:-/

I won't let this fruit bowl go to waste!
So now after a couple weeks of not even keeping track of my points on Weight Watchers I feel I am at a cross roads. Do I start again? Do I try a different approach (like the Simple Start program with Weight Watchers)? Do I quit Weight Watchers and see if I can bring myself back into the realm of being healthy again using a different method?

I definitely am in need of some motivation. I have even approached a personal trainer with nutrition training to possibly help me out.

Have any of you ever been here? What did you do? Any suggestions for getting back on track?

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