Friday, 21 March 2014

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a great week. Ours has definitely been a mixture of good and slightly boring due to RAIN!

So on Friday I usually do a post with my Five Faves but today in honour of my upcoming Sports Relief 5k (on Sunday...yikes) I thought I'd do my 5 Fitness Faves instead.

1) Running: At the moment I have been running on my own, with my mum's running club and with Park Run UK (on Sat mornings). I am getting into it again and it feels so good. Mind you, I am still no where near being a professional runner. A 5k is still a challenge for me, but I have seen improvement. I am getting there.

Drying in the sun after last nights running in the rain

2) Spinning: I am only able to get one spin class in a week. Even though it is so early in the morning I feel so energized after hearing that music and sweating my little heart out. <3

3) iPod Shuffle: This is the tool that keeps me going when I really really want to stop. A good playlist is a must but with out this little purple guy I would be on the couch in my pjs, not out running.

4) Pilates: This class has helped me with so many things. My abs are slowly but surely getting back to normal (post babies). I am getting stronger and more flexible. I am able to think and relax. It also helped my confidence so much when Wednesday night the instructor (different from my normal instructor) told me I was 'very fit' and looked like I had been practising pilates for ages! Honestly, I had to look around to make sure she was talking to me, but I needed that. It just goes to show that a compliment can really change a persons' day :-)

5) Wiggle on line shop: Before last year's Aquathalon I got my goggles, wetsuit and swimming cap there. However, they also sell running and biking equipment and often have great sales on. I have my eye on some new running capris!

Nike Epic Run Printed Capri
Well, that's it for this Friday. For anyone participating in Sports Relief this weekend Good Luck and Enjoy!

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