Sunday, 1 June 2014

Food & Fitness 1st June 2014

Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! We have had a low key and happy weekend in some sunshine :-) We had quite the adventure today in a garden centre! It was seriously the biggest garden centre I have ever been in! We originally went to go to their Dinosaur Discovery park but when we found out (in the most dramatic way) that the dinosaurs weren't working due to an electricity cut we made fun in other departments!

Yes, jumping on potting soil can be fun!

Sunday- (winner, winner) Roast Chicken Dinner
Monday- Ham with potatoes and green beans
Tuesday- Burgers with Salad
Wednesday- TBD
Thursday- TBD
Friday- Pasta with Salmon
Saturday- Take Away

Sunday- Pilates (30 min Exercise TV)
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Spinning
Wednesday- Group Personal Training (my trainer is back!)
Thursday- Running Club (might aim for 40k this month)
Friday- Personal Training session
Saturday- Run 6k

Running with Racheal

Have a good start to the week!

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