Friday, 27 March 2015

Tech Support, Coffee and Cakes #littleloves

Wow! I can't believe that it is already Friday! This has definitely been a week that has flown by, but not for any particular reason. I'm just happy I made it though the week without anything too crazy happening or forgetting money for bake sales and non-uniform days! Phew...success ;)

So here is how this week went:

This week I have been slowly venturing into the world of self hosting! Yikes!! I bought the book Wordpress for Dummies and have been really reading through it and using it as a life line. So far so good, although I have already been on the phone and LiveChats with tech support on various websites (am I in over my head?!). This book will be permanently attached to me for the next month or so I imagine.

Didn't really watch much this week. I have been keeping up with Poldark and Indian Summers on Sunday nights but the rest of the week is pretty poor for TV. I do have to watch the last episode of ITV's Mr. Selfridge on catch up, so looking forward to that!

(Ah...I have had to edit this post as I totally forgot this category! Whoops...too much going on.). This week I worn a lot of my purple Oasis winter coat (from a couple of years ago) as it was absolutely freezing and windy. However, I think I might be in need of a tailor as I have worn a couple buttons right off it and I am not too good with fixing buttons back on! Oops...

I know that this song is not new but it has been played a lot on the radio this week and it keeps sticking in my head. FourFiveSeconds with Kanye West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney!

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As most of you will know, this week I tried Bulletproof Coffee for the first time and am now a massive fan. Just trying to not make it everyday now ;)

I also made some cupcakes for the school bun sale. Yummy! Still working on perfecting my frosting technique...

And Lastly...
I am on my way to going self hosted! I am not the most technically gifted person in the world and have no idea how long it will take me to get things up and running (and yes I expect plenty of technical glitches once I am) but please bare with me as I work on this little project! :)



  1. Good luck with the hosting. I'm so glad I did it from the start as I genuinely think I would be too afraid to even try it myself now! #littleloves

    1. Ugh...I am paralysed with fear over going self hosted. I am doing tiny baby things to get there each day (it might take me a year at this rate!) I wish I had taken it on from the start too but I was looking for easy back then. Thanks for the support! :-) Have a good weekend. #littleloves