Wednesday, 18 June 2014

100th Blog Post!

Yay! This is a very exciting post for me as it is my 100th post (well really Monday's Food & Fitness Plan was but it wasn't one where I'd be doing any celebrating)!

Since my blog doesn't really have an anniversary (as some of you may remember I have sort of started and stopped...not really getting the hang of things at first) I will celebrate the BIG # posts like 100, 500, 1000, etc...

I saw this kind of thing on another blog I read and really enjoyed reading it and thought it would be a good idea to borrow for my 100th post. So here are 100 (quite random) facts about me:

1) I was born on Mother's Day (what a gift!)
2) My middle name is my mother's first name
3) I am one of 3 children
4) I am the oldest
5) I am 35 years old
6) When I was young I thought I might be an actress or model (obviously)
7) When I was in second grade I would write short stories about over coming adversity (like the 'Mermaid Who Couldn't Swim') and was published
8) I am only 5ft 3in (my sister is 5ft, no idea how tall my brother is but taller than both of us)
9) I bite my nails... a lot!
10) I used to perm my hair but for some reason now it is naturally curly

A little cheese, so not photogenic! 
1) I am obsessed with coffee
2) The first time I had a coffee I was on a first date with my husband (I didn't like it...the coffee)
3) My last job we had a Starbucks rota
4) Sometimes I will make a pot of coffee and drink it all
5) I miss being able to get flavoured creamers (they don't sell them in the UK)
6) I really really miss Dunkin Donuts (my favourite coffee)
7) When we live in England I tend to drink more tea than I do when I live elsewhere
8) I have a Nespresso machine and go through 50 capsules in a month
9) The worst coffee I have ever had was in Crete
10) I thought I might like Twist (espresso protein shakes) but found them too sweet

Working Out:
1) I have played on both soccer and field hockey teams (one year both at the same time)
2) I took ice skating lessons as an adult
3) I took ballet when I was really little but I used to dance to my own tune so took up gymnastics instead
4) I took weight training as a gym elective in high school
5) I have only ever run one 10k race
6) I have only ever run four 5k races
7) I dropped out of Track and Field in Junior High where I ran hurdles and did long jump
8) I love working out, having a personal trainer and sweating at the gym
9) I can almost do a whole pull up
10) I have thought about becoming a personal trainer (possibly specialising in pre/post natal)

1) I wanted to get pregnant 2 years after I got married
2) I got pregnant with my first 5 years after I got married (we were more settle location wise)
3) I have always wanted 3 children
4) My husband is one of 5 children and told me he wanted 8 when we first met (I think he was joking)
5) I don't mind changing nappies, I don't mind breast feeding (although it was definitely something to get used to) but I do mind my boys waking up earlier than 5am
6) I was asked to be a breast feeding counsellor (and might do when I my boys are a bit older)
7) According to my mother until I was married I never wanted any children (too many babysitting dramas)
8) I am looking forward to becoming an Auntie again (Lis??!!)
9) I sometimes feel completely out of my league with two boys ;-)
10) I love my boys more than anything :-)

1) I have lived in 4 countries (USA, England, Spain, Norway)
2) I am from just outside of Boston, grew up in New Hampshire, went to University in Washington DC, Valladolid, Spain and London, England
3) I met my husband in a bar in Spain
4) We lived in Dallas, Texas for 3 years before moving back to England
5) Most of my family live within an hours drive (or less) of each other in the States
6) Besides me, my brother lives the furthest away in Seattle
7) Favourite holiday: Thailand
8) Most odd holiday: China
9) I often miss the US for my family and the weather
10) I currently live in West Yorkshire

1) I love it!
2) Dark chocolate is my favourite
3) I also love Reese Peanut Butter Cups
4) I once ate chocolate at every meal (including snacks) for a full day
5) I once gave up chocolate for Lent (I took up eating peanut butter out of the jar and went through about 10 jars!)
6) I am currently drinking chocolate coffee
7) I am not a huge fan of white chocolate but will eat it
8) I make brownies with extra chocolate chips
9) I have never been sick from eating too much chocolate
10) I even eat the chocolate that is like 85% cocoa and I think it tastes divine!

I'd Rather:
1) Be hot than cold
2) Have a handful of really good friends than lots who don't really know me
3) Have a firm mattress than soft
4) Be snorkelling than skiing
5) Go to the theatre than watch tv
6) Have a lie in than wake up early
7) Have a pedicure than manicure
8) Spend time with my boys than be away from them
9) Be home with family than out with people who don't appreciate me
10) Have a dog than a cat

The pooch!

1) Went to public school through high school
2) Went to the Catholic University of America
3) Went to Webster University in London (it is an American University)
4) I studied for a BA in International Economics and Finance with a minor in Spanish and Computer Science
5) I have my MA in Marketing and my MBA
6) I have massive student loans I will probably be paying off when I have grandchildren
7) I might study to be a teacher or a personal trainer
8) My best subjects in school were Languages/English Literature
9) My worst subjects were Physics and Math
10) I will probably not pursue a PhD

Sorry pic of a pic (can you  spot me?)
1) I love routine and get a little cranky if it goes awry
2) I currently have no set routine for my days
3) The one routine I have is my work out plan
4) I am currently up with the boys at 4am!!!
5) I used to have a 1 hour hair and makeup routine (now I'm lucky if I spend 5 minutes)
6) The boys have a regular sleep and bath routine
7) My boys get easily bored so we need to have very flexible daily routines (or none)
8) I like to think I am an easy going, go with the flow type person but I'm not
9) In September we are going to have a very strict routine with Francis in school
10) I have a skin care routine I am happy with

1) I used to intern at Giorgio Armani
2) I think I'd like to write a book
3) I have thought about running a half marathon but never a full one
4) I have also thought about possibly entering a fitness/bikini competition
5) I once sat on the lap of a famous singer and told him I admired his work ;-)
6) I love clothes shopping but find it almost impossible to shop for myself
7) My favourite foods are pretty much all spicy: Mexican, Indian & Thai
8) I used to speak almost fluent Spanish (but no longer)
9) I love reading especially series and crime novels
10) I have fallen asleep every single time I have watched Bourne Identity

Hopefully you enjoyed reading more about me and aren't now asleep at your computer!
Please share with me something random about you! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more fun this week! :-)

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