Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday Faves 27th June 2014

Ah, another cold, windy, rainy day in Yorkshire. I hope summer has not been and gone :( Fingers crossed for some more lovely sunny days!

This week has gone by rather slowly over here but we have had a pretty good one. The only thing that could have been slightly better is the boys wake up time (4am is still not acceptable)!!

So, here are a few of my faves from the week:

1) Accountants - It is tax time (again) for me as I have the big project of working on my US Expat Taxes. Oh the joy tax time brings and to be lucky enough to go through it twice a year! Anyway, I honestly couldn't do it without both my accountants (US and UK). Right now, I love them!

2) A brand new weight programme- My trainer is letting me off the hook (sort of) for 2 weeks but has set me up with a new programme to be working on in that time. It is really good and today I learned 2 new things that I have never done in the weight room. Incline and Decline Bench Press! Decline Press scares me a little but I did like it!
Pretty much upside down while bench pressing!

3) Eyebrow wax- OMG my eyebrows were literally the scariest things recently. Today I took 5 minutes and got them waxed and shaped. I look like a whole new lady :)

4) A phone call with a good friend- one of my friend's has just had her baby at 29 weeks! I finally got to speak with her and both she and her little one are doing fab!! I am so grateful and happy for her and can't wait to meet up with her and her new addition later this summer :)

5) Lindt Dark Chocolate Orange- I haven't had a real piece of chocolate in ages. I saw this, bought it and am going to enjoy it with a side of American Horror Story/Big Brother Eviction tonight!

That's it for today, I'll be back Sunday with my food and fitness plan and later next week with an update on my training (what has happened to my trainer, my 5k race) and a post on active mothers' influence on their children.

Have a good weekend!

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