Monday, 9 June 2014

Decorating Your Children's Bedroom is...Easy!

I mentioned yesterday that I spent the day at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester. This was curtsey of Dulux Bedroom in a Box. Now, I had never heard of Bedroom in a Box but I have heard of Dulux. We have used Dulux paint a lot in our current home and in some previous places we have lived. Dulux paint comes in such a large variety of colours and textures and it is really reliable. We have never had a bad batch of paint with Dulux!

So when I was asked if I wanted some tickets to the Ideal Home Show to take a look at Dulux Bedroom in a Box stand I couldn't resist.

So what is Bedroom in a Box?
Dulux Bedroom in a Box is simply a box which contains an exciting colourful mural (and adhesive) and coordinating Dulux paints (some boxes even contain brushes!). The boxes available are: Jungle Adventure, Fairy Princess, Sea Adventure and coming soon Peppa Pig and Marvel Avengers Assemble.

At the Ideal Home Show the Dulux Bedroom in a Box stand was decorated using the Sea Adventure themed box. The staff were all really friendly and helpful answering some of my questions such as:

What happens if you need more paint than what is provided? 
The boxes are meant to contain enough paint for two coats on three walls of 3m x 3m. If you are purchasing online you will be asked if you need more paint than what is provided in the box and it can be sent on. However, the paint colours used should all be readily available at your local DIY stores.

What happens if your wall space is not big enough for the mural?
The mural comes in strips like normal wall paper so you can either leave out a strip on one side or one on each side or the paper can be easily trimmed.

How much does the Bedroom in a Box cost?
The recommended retail price is £70 which includes: Dulux Matt 2.5L coordinated colour (depending on the box you choose), Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood 750ml paint for trim, Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive, and Walltastic Designer Wallpaper Mural.

In my opinion, the Bedroom in a Box concept is fantastic. I think it is super helpful for those novice DIYers, people who want a limited choice (lets face it too many choices are paralysing) and it is easy (most people can complete their room transformation in a day!).

An easy children's bedroom remodel! 

Thank you to Dulux Bedroom in a Box for inviting me to the Ideal Home Show. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing a real Bedroom in a Box and meeting your staff.

This post is in association with Dulux. I have not purchased nor been given a Bedroom in a Box so all opinions and information is purely based on my experience at the Ideal Home Show.  

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