Sunday, 22 June 2014

Food & Fitness 22nd June 2014

 I am exhausted! We had the most productive weekend we have had in ages, but I couldn't be more tired, or sore or dirty! Here are some pics from the weekend:

Emptied house and mainly the basement of junk!

A bit more tree/bush cutting, weeding, etc...
These scratches don't look as bad on camera but I am pretty much covered in them from head to toe
The BBQ is up and running!
So here is my food and fitness for this week!

Sunday- BBQ! Burger and Pork with Couscous and Salad
Monday- Moroccan Lamb with Rice
Tuesday- Paprika Chicken with Potatoes
Wednesday- Beef Thai Salad
Thursday- One Pot Pasta
Friday- Veggie Omelets
Saturday- TBD (just me and the boys)

Sunday- Run 6k (need to run lots this week as I haven't run much this month!!)
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Personal Trainer workout
Wednesday- Group PT session (maybe a run too?)
Thursday- Running Club (7k)
Friday- Personal Trainer workout
Saturday- Run (3k have my 5k race tomorrow so don't want to over do it)

                                            Running with Racheal

You might notice that I have two Personal Trainer workouts this week. This is due to two things; one is that I have a new program to go through and that always takes a while, the second is that my trainer wants to have an intense review so that the next two weeks I can workout without her to see how I get on. :-( More on this to come.

Right off to shower and relax :-)

Have a good night!

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