Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Meeting With My Trainer

As you might remember my personal trainer has been away on vacation in Mexico for 2 weeks. I have really missed her. My strength training carried on without her (I promise you I did not slack) two days a week lifting as heavy a weight as I could that was safe, but there were some things I couldn't do without her support, feedback on proper positioning and help with some of the weights.

Before she left for her vacation I was feeling a bit down about my progress. I had been training with her about 5 weeks and hadn't really seen any difference in my shape (although I know it takes a while for your shape to change). Don't get me wrong, I definitely have been feeling better for working out with her and needed a serious kick up the backside to get back into strength training but I feel something is missing.

Some of my gym kit
I told her that when she got back we would need to have a meeting to re-take my measurement and see if any thing had changed. She made some suggestions of things that I could be concentrating on while she was gone. Here they are:

  • Carry on with my training twice a week
  • Cut back on the caffeine but drink more water
  • Eat more protein, less refined carbs, and more fibre filled fruit
  • Find a new fitness challenge

  • I have carried on with my training.
  • I have stuck to her eating suggestions for 2/3 my day. I have lost 2lbs. I think it has helped with a more noticeable change in my shape.
  • I have also signed up for a 10k! (but it is only in Nov!!)

Some of my new snack staples (still finding room for chocolate though!)
Now that she is back, I am hoping to have my measurements taken again and let the numbers do the talking. I also want to talk to her more seriously about my fitness goals and see if we can come up with something suitable together. I can't wait!! I hope she is well rested ;-)

Have you got any new fitness goals?

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