Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Faves 6th June 2014

Yay, it's Friday! I hope you have all had a good week. Mine has been good but a little sniffley. I have had a very intense cold all week and will hopefully be feeling better soon. Today's weather is awesome and we are off out to the park later today with some friends! Can't wait to enjoy some more sun. :-)

I hope you are having a great (and sunny) Friday too.

As always on a Friday, here are my 5 faves:

1) Big Brother- Yes! BB has started back up and as my husband says 'There goes the next 3 months!' I just love watching BB. It is probably my guiltiest pleasure. Ah...mindless junk TV :-)

2) My Trainer - Had two meet ups with my trainer this week and feel sore (but in a good way). She took my measurements today and hopefully I'll see how I've improved. She is sending the numbers over later. I am glad that she is back as I missed being pushed and can't wait to get a new plan set up.

3) Conversations with my boys - Both of my boys are real chatter boxes at the minute. Frankie can really chat now and follows the conversation really well. He is also pretty funny when he wants to be. Dylan is still finding his voice and learning new words and his favourite word is still 'NO' but he is saying more and more and he also makes me laugh. The other night in the bath he said 'Mumma, ready, steady, go!' Then swiftly threw his toy boat out at me. :-)

Frankie and I had a chat about shadows (just like in Peter Pan!)
4) Getting outside/Sun/Bubbles - today is a gorgeous day so we had some tea outside in our yard and then blew bubbles. I love simple times like this!

Dylan running after some bubbles (he looks tiny here)
5) Gardening- I have finally got to do a bit of gardening. Just some simple things but I felt good about getting them done.We now have a new window box and a new evergreen plant outside our side door (the one we use the most). We also have some plans to cut down a couple of trees and do some more weeding this weekend. Now if only we had lots of money and could get that landscaper back to do the more serious things that need doing! ;-)

Not yet symmetrical, getting another flower box soon!
Have a great weekend!

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