Sunday, 14 September 2014

Food & Fitness 14th Sept 2014

This weekend was a good, busy and exciting one! On Saturday we went to one of our good friend's 40th birthday party and boy was it a bash! It started early afternoon and went on until about 2 am this morning. I am not used to partying like that so obviously today I am extra exhausted! It was a great night full of fun, friends, food, fantastic music (the husband played a gig!) and there was even a pub quiz :)
Birthday girl roasting her lamb!
Huge bonfire and so warm!
Gig and DJ
Dancing into the night!

So today I will be lying low, recovering and getting ready for the very busy week ahead!

We don't have too much planed for this week but it will be Francis' first full week at school so I will be concentrating on figuring the schedule for all that out. We got there 20 minutes before the school even opened on Friday and there was still no place to park...need to be more strategic I think ;)

Sunday- Bacon & Eggs with Toast (recovery food)
Monday- Chili con Carne with Rice
Tuesday- Pasta with Prawns and Veg
Wednesday- Fish Cakes with Green Beans
Thursday- Lentil Stew with Baguette
Friday- Chicken taco salad
Saturday- out for a meal with family

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Run
Tuesday- Spin
Wednesday- Insanity
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Strength Training or Run?

Running with Racheal

Have a good week! 

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