Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Faves 26th Sept. 2014

This week was a good one and a lot more calm than last! We had a lot of fun meeting up with friends, playing together and generally feeling a lot more organised than last week. Phew! I can only hope next week will go as smoothly. :)

We are all looking forward to this weekend as well, as we have a few fun things planned. Tomorrow we have a family photo shoot booked (our first!! I know long overdue) and then on Sunday we have a family get together as my brother-in-law is visiting from Sierra Leon! It will be nice for everyone to get together and visit with him even though he is only around for a short time.

So with a much better week under our belts here are this week's 5 Friday faves:

1) Park play with my boys - I didn't manage to go to the park with both my boys at the same time due to school, nursery, etc... but I did manage to get a few park plays in with them individually. We all had a great time and obviously enjoyed going on the most advanced climbing frames and highest slides much to mummy's delight (Yes, I feared for their lives...who goes down a super steep slide face first, my two year old Dylan that's who!)

Francis as King of the Castle!

Dylan at a completely different park as King of the Castle!

2) Fresh mani - I managed a quick trip to my favourite nail place and have a lovely Autumny shade on my fingers. Now if only it stays through at the least the photo shoot tomorrow! ;)
Sorry my finger looks extra crooked in this one! 
3) Girls night out - Yay! Tonight I'm out with two of my friends from running club. We are headed out to eat at a prosecco bar so it is bound to be a great night!

4) Redecoration - I have finished painting the ceiling in the entryway and have even moved on to scraping and sanding the oddly bubbled paint bits from the last time the room was decorated...when ever that was?!
Now for the walls
5) Big School - My sister-in-law raved about this TV programme saying it was really funny and since I haven't seen a really really funny show since the first season of Cuckoo, I was up for trying it out. We love it! Great cast and very funny...just what we needed! :)

BBC's Big School

Right, well I'm off on an adventure with the boys. Have a great weekend!

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