Sunday, 21 September 2014

Food & Fitness 21st Sept 2014

Hello! I hope you all had a good week and even better weekend. :)

I had a pretty crap week if I'm going to be honest. I hate to be all down in the dumps and negative on here so I'll keep it pretty general but I think I just had a bit of a panic.

Everyone that knows me know that I try and put 100% into every thing that I do except for some reason this week I felt like everything I have been working on was going nowhere. I was going 100 miles per hour and it seemed I had nothing to show for it in many areas of my life. :(

I suppose the stress of a new schedule this week (let's face it a whole week where I managed to have both boys feed, washed, dressed and out of the house before 8:30 am...miraculous!) and being hormonal (tmi- sorry) didn't help so with a bit more sleep under my belt and a bit of thinking done hopefully this week will be better! :)

Spider-man pose ofcourse!

One of the major things that I struggled with this past week was my body. Usually, I am happy with it. Don't get me wrong I know I won't have the body of a 20 year old any more and I don't expect to, after all I have given birth to my two favourite ever boys and I wouldn't give that up for a six pack any day! ;) I have however been working out like a fiend and more than most people I know, in order to look a little more lean and feel a lot more fit. My eating has been relatively healthy but unfortunately my body shape has not changed. I have also not lost a single pound. I have never felt so unfit, even though that is probably very far from the truth.

I have had a chat with my trainer (and a bit of a cry!! Whoops!) and I have done a little thinking and so, my food in the next two weeks will probably change a bit and my workouts over the next few weeks will be changing too. So more than ever my food and fitness for this week will be very tentative. I will keep you updated as I go :)

Sunday- Jambalaya
Monday- Swedish Meatballs with Mash (prob sweet potato for me) and Peas
Tuesday-  Salmon with Couscous and Salad
Wednesday- Quorn Singapore Rice (should be noodles but I'll sub brown rice)
Thursday- Minced Turkey Hotpot
Friday- Out for dinner and drinks with some friends
Saturday- TBD (maybe out and about so might be something on the road)

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Possible Run or Swim or Rest (depending on how I feel)
Tuesday- Strength Training
Wednesday- Insanity
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Rest

Running with Racheal

I hope you all have a great week!

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