Monday, 1 September 2014

Food & Fitness 31st August 2014

Ugh! The stomach bug! Well, Dylan was completely out of commission on Friday being sick with a little stomach bug and as soon I think we are out in the clear (and 5 loads of laundry have been done along with ridiculous amounts of carpet cleaning) I get the stomach bug. :(

I hate being sick. Nausea and I are not friends. So while I spent the day looking at a toilet my two little angels spent the day running wild! Honestly, I can't complain. They were pretty good all things considered. They left me to sleep and be ill. They entertained themselves with building dens and towers out of legos. Heck, they even put themselves down for a nap at 3pm! 

I think the worst bit was that I didn't have my husband at home to help and I felt bad for the boys as they surely were bored but hey, luckily these bugs don't come around that often so we coped. I am still not feeling 100% so I will give you a rough idea of this week's food and fitness plan but it is subject to change (and already has!).

Sunday- Nothing, couldn't stomach anything.
Monday- Chicken broth
Tuesday- Salmon Kedgeree
Wednesday- TBD (something easy) 
Thursday- Chicken and Butternut Squash Tagine with Couscous
Friday- Spaghetti Bolognese with Hidden Veg
Saturday- Swedish Meatballs with Mash, Peas and Gravy 

Sunday- Nothing
Monday- Nothing
Tuesday- Probably Nothing
Wednesday- Group Personal Training
Thursday- Running Club 6.5k
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Run 6k? or Gym workout

Running with Racheal

Hope you all have a good and healthy week! 
P.S. How do you keep your children entertained when you are sick?

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