Monday, 22 September 2014

Finger Paint & Room Paint

Things are feeling better for me today. :) I decided not to get up for a run or swim today as my little Dylan was up during the night so my sleep was very interrupted and I felt like I still needed the sleep. The good news was that the day seemed to go by a lot more smoothly than I'd expected especially as it was a Monday!

The school run went well, we weren't late and I was even in regular clothes with make-up on (I'm usually a bit sweaty and decked out in gym gear!). Shocking!

Dylan and I had a good morning together playing games and trying to increase our vocabulary.

Then, once we had picked up Francis from school we had lunches and Dylan went down for his nap. Francis and I had some quiet book time and cuddles! A great part of my day. :)

Finally, I decided to crack out some finger paints that I had received a long time ago. I spread out a massive sheet of paper on the kitchen table and just let them go for it! Brave mummy!

A master piece!

Beautiful, right mummy!
They enjoyed it and used up the entire thing of paint! It was a real mess though. Dylan had paint in his hair and up into his shirt. Francis was pretty covered too but the enjoyment they had for about 45 min was priceless!

Speaking of paint...I am finally getting organised for our entryway redecoration! I have been planing this for over a year and told the husband I was getting sick of planning all these things and then nothing ever getting anything done. So, I filled in all the holes in the walls (from wall hangings, etc...) yesterday and tonight I may start on painting the ceiling! I can't wait! :)
We don't even have coat hooks near the door!

Those paint swatches are from one year ago!

The room is currently a dumping ground but I have plans for it to be half entry way and half office/spare room. Hopefully I can show you the full finished results by the end of next month ;)

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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