Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Getting Ready for Pre-School

Ok, I have to be honest; as I sit here typing this post I am also in my pyjamas, unwashed with crazy hair. I am procrastinating or maybe I have over-analysis paralysis! The Pre-School teacher is coming on a home visit today! It is a good idea really. I'm definitely on board with it but I'm not ready emotionally, mentally or physically.

I totally understand that she is not here to inspect our house or interview us as parents (phew, cause the house is a mess from us being sick all weekend and I no doubt will be a crazed mummy to interview). She is simply here to find out if we have any more questions about the school, the curriculum, the teachers, etc... She is also here so that Francis will have a familiar face to go to on his first couple days at school. He'll be thinking (so they tell me) 'Oh there's a nice person, my teacher, she came to my house'. That works for me! It will make me feel better when I send my little baby off to school for the first time next week (Sooo not ready!).

But here's the deal... I can barely remember the questions I have (besides uniform stuff, which quite frankly might look bad as there is only a week till school starts and no I haven't bought them yet) as I haven't had time to read through all the material they gave us at parent's open night.

My house is a mess, I have no food in (biscuits or tea to offer), I just am not on top form. I haven't even eaten properly in 36 hours! Oh and I just found some weird smelling stuff on Dylan's blankie! Help :-/

Fast forward a couple of hours and here's how it went:

I managed to tidy up the house and do a thorough clean where necessary (like the bathroom downstairs). We also managed to get some baking done so there were Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on hand (bonus- they made the house smell good)!

Dylan went down for a nap a couple of  hours before so he was being pretty good ;)

Francis was shy but did his best at talking with his new teacher. Oh and they sprung a fast one on me...yes, they! There was Francis' teacher and another teacher as well! I guess they work in pairs :) Oh and they called and asked if they could come a whole half hour early! 'Sure, perfectly ok' says the frantic mum with a now messy bun hair style, no make up on and a just waken toddler in only a nappy/diaper! But alas, I think I managed to sort everyone out in time ;)

At any rate, I managed to get some questions answered and I feel a lot better about school next week.

We have one more open day to go to on Friday before school officially starts which will be good for all of us. Ok, yes, I am probably more nervous than Francis now! Oh dear...must not cry when I drop him off next week ;)

Next to do:
School uniforms to buy (Pale blue polo shirts, black gray trousers, school sweater/jumper, etc...)
School pencils to buy
School bag to buy
Black  Gray socks to buy
Black shoes to buy
Name labels to buy and iron on (no way am I sewing them, not enough time)
Hair cuts for all the boys in the house (including Daddy and Dylan's 1st)

Try and relax!

Anyone else dealing with the panic of sending their little one off to Pre-School/School?

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