Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Faves 5th Sept 2014

I can not believe that it is already September! Where does the time go? I guess weather-wise it has been feeling like September since we got back from the States. I mean, sorry but turning the heat on in August??? I have never ever had to do that before. However, as I type this post it is a nice warm sunny day...go figure ;)

So this week turned into a bit of a nightmare for me. It was stressful. I started the week off pretty ill with the stomach bug, stayed a bit ill, didn't get a chance to work out, didn't get to eat much, didn't have any coffee, rushed around getting school things ready and then after all that my husband decided last night that he didn't really understand the school we were sending our son to and that maybe he shouldn't go there!!??? WHAT!

Ok, so after a good cry and mini meltdown, I just sat down calmly with him and went through all the facts about the school as I knew them (from various calls to the school, information evenings, open days and paper work sent home).  I think we are all on the same page now. Full steam ahead on the pre-school train! ;) Phew!

I do sometimes feel that I am sort of floating along in a country that although similar to my own is still very foreign to me. The school system here is different from the US system and additionally any school system I claim to know, the knowledge is out of date by about 30 years anyway! I think that is why I do a lot of research and talk with as many people as I can to make sure I'm getting it at least 80% right.

So after a relatively stressful week my faves are:

1) Cute/funny animal sightings- saw my hairdresser's sister's puppy! So cute! Then, we have been having chicken visitors every day this week (sometimes it is this brown one, sometimes it is a white one, sometimes both!) The boys love it...the dog hates it! :)

Tiny puppy hiding behind plant!

Chicken from our kitchen window

2) Feeling better- Ah, I do not take good health for granted and so this is a huge fave! Oh and it means I'm back on the coffee (and of course eating as well)!

<3 my Nespresso!
3) Compliments- you know it really doesn't take much to make someone's day! Today at my son's open day all the teachers were asking for cookies! They had been told how good the ones we made for our teacher visit were and they were jealous ;) Also a couple of my friends have given me lovely compliments this week and I know they didn't know it but it really cheered me up this week :)

4) Series- I know I totally sound like a tv addict (and I'm not really, but maybe a little) but holy cow, Orphan Black (I have only watched Season 1 as the others aren't out over here yet) so good!! Must get the 2nd season over here soon. Also started Orange is the New Black Season 2 and it is still very good! My husband and I are watching The Killing (the Danish version) and are almost finished Season 1 and that is awesome too! There is very little good tv on normal channels so all our series viewing is on Netflix.

5) One good workout- I didn't work out at all this week due to feeling pretty unwell until Wed. I missed my running club last night to sort out school stuff and so this morning at 6:30am I was back in the gym with my trainer dead-lifting 40lbs with the best of them :) I will admit, I wanted to cancel this training appointment and just call it a bad week, but I didn't and I feel great for going. Fingers crossed I'm going to kill it in the gym next week...need to get back on track.

Yes, that is a pilates mat...yes, must get back to it! ;)
What are your faves this week? Any one else having back to school anxiety?

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