Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Real Shock (for me anyway)

Today was a busy day of running around. Nursery runs, food shopping, cleaning and generally trying to get organized. I also had a play date arranged but it had to be postponed as my little monkey Dylan was having an extended nap!

When Dylan woke, we decided to get out of the house for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. So we bundled up and headed out on a lovely but slightly muddy walk.

About 10 minutes in I thought hold on, when was the last time I had chocolate? I couldn't remember!!! Had it really been 3 weeks since I had had some decadent chocolate? Shock!! But then I remembered I have had a tiny bit when I have had oatmeal. I bought a little packet of raisins, hazelnuts and chocolate chips at Sainsbury's recently and have been adding a bit to my breakfast oatmeal. Phew ;-)

I have to pat myself on the back though, previously I had been eating at least a chocolate bar a week or chocolate digestives by the handful, etc... Even though I have not intentionally given up chocolate, I have been trying to make smarter food choices and in doing so have neglected my little sweet treat.

Lucky for me, there are still two Ferrero Rocher that need eating from Christmas so I might have to treat myself. What do you think? ;-)

Since I haven't had a chance to update you on my fitness for the week I will now!

Tuesday was a swim day, got 26 laps done but also received about 26 stink eyes from the older women swimmers. Sorry but you might get splashed a little, you're in a swimming pool!

Tomorrow will be spinning in the morning and running club in the evening. I have been thinking about signing up for the running club boot camp but I'm not too sure yet. I would love to do it and take on the challenge but not so sure I want to give up all the time in the middle of a Saturday.

Saturday I plan on going on a run and would love to do a 5k but we'll see.

Sunday back to Pilates! Am really looking forward to it as I was pleasantly sore after last weeks class (first class since before Christmas) and I wasn't even fully participating since I had fallen down the stairs the day before! Sore ankle and bum!

Have a good rest of the week and see you back here soon!

PS I am thinking of buying a slow cooker with a Christmas gift card any suggestions on good ones big enough  for families?

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