Monday, 6 January 2014

Online Shopping

Happy Monday everyone! Well, it probably isn't really as most people are back in the office today, but it is good to be optimistic ;-)

We had a very busy day over here. Met up with a lovely friend and her son and two daughters. Went on the most wind swept walk I have been on in awhile and had a great time just catching up! I always think that it is rather a miracle that we managed to: make it on time(ish) and actually complete the walk we set out to do which is around a lake (2.5k), as with 5 children under 3 years old things can be tricky!

After meeting up and a quick nap for the little ones we went out on the second adventure of the shopping. Personally, I love food shopping. I always have. However, taking two toddlers food shopping when you literally need to buy a house full of groceries is a task I would rather not take. I always set out thinking: this will work, we'll all be fine, I have come prepared with snacks...but usually about 5 minutes in I realize that I have lost my mind. There's pinching, hitting, spitting and shouting all coming from two very small angelic looking boys in a trolley. So I end up gently shooshing everyone whilst running wildly through the shop to get as many things on my now half chewed tear stained list as possible. Ah the joys!

So that brings me to a question; what do you think of online food shopping? Is it really worth it? I have only ever bought other things online never food and with mixed consequences. Don't even ask me about my sister's Christmas present that came with swears printed all over it! Don't want to finish my shopping list only to find that the online shop doesn't have half of it in stock or get my order with all the wrong items...Yikes!

Let me know what you think.

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