Thursday, 30 January 2014

No Sick Days For Mummy

This week has been a bit of a bummer to be honest. The boys and I both got sick Sunday night with a pretty bad cold or flu. So since then we have been battling runny noses, fevers, sore throats, ear aches, etc... All I have wanted to do is stay in my PJs and sleep but there are no sick days when you are a mummy (at least in this house) ;-)

Looking after my little boys was my priority. Although they have the energy of monkeys even when they are sick. A little bit of flu never stopped them from running at top speed around the house, decorating the bathroom with Mummy's makeup and reprogramming the TV. I was watching them of course, it's just that these things all take place in the time it takes me to sneeze or blow my nose.

I am now completely worn out!

My fitness plan this week has not really happened so far and my meal plan for the last couple of nights didn't really go to plan either. Oh well. No big deal. Sometimes you just need to rest when you can.

Here are a few things that have kept me going in the last few days:

Coffee- yes, even when I am sick I drink it!

That weird film is actually cinnamon sprinkled on top...yum!
Slipper Socks- love these! Got them from Bath & Body Works about 5 years ago but they are still so soft and comfy.

Fleece blanket- my Aunt made this for the boys but the three of us have been snuggling under it most of this week.

Calpol- this is children's medicine for colds, aches, pains, teething, fevers giving the boys some relief.

& all my favourite blogs which I got to read when the little angels were tucked up in bed.

I don't want to push it but thinking about heading to the mum's running club tonight. Some fresh air might do me good!

What are your thoughts on exercising when you haven't been feeling well?

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  1. Hi Lauryn and thank you for tweeting me with your blog. Hope you are feeling better soon, it's so hard when you're under the weather at the same time as the kids.

    I have to admit when ever I'm not feeling great I don't want to exercise but unless I'm really unwell it usually makes me feel better so I try and give it a go. I try to listen to my body, and if it says no then it's probably better to rest!

    Keep up the blogging!