Friday, 24 January 2014

Five Friday Favourites

Thank goodness it's Friday! Although this week seemed to go by pretty fast, by the time I got to Thursday I was ready for the week to end.

Here are five of my favourite things this Friday:

1) Mexican Discovery Green Jalapenos! My husband said to me the other night 'You know you can't add these to everything right?' Nope! Today I had about 6 in my chili for lunch. YUM!

2) Health & Fitness Magazine. I got a subscription for Christmas and the first one arrived yesterday. I am hoping I'll be able to get some quality reading time in tonight!

3) Healthy Cookies. Yes, one is already gone. These are awesome! The recipe for these cookies is here off of Skinny Taste.

4) My Next thick cable cardigan. Today I have been freezing all day. I don't think I have really recovered from my run last night in a very windy 0 degrees. I bought this cardi last year and still absolutely love it.

5) The Incredibles. This Disney Pixar film has given me enjoyment as well as a few minutes of quite when I really needed it. The boys are in love with this film and really want to be superheroes like The Incredibles.

Image off Disney Wiki.
Have a great Friday and see you again soon!

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