Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Burnt Kale Chips

Noooooo!!! A major fail tonight.

I don't know what it is but recently, by the time Wednesday rolls around I really do not feel like cooking and worse than that, I don't even know what I want or really care what I have to eat. It is not good. So tonight I planned ahead and made some fish cakes and kale chips.

I know loads of people who dehydrate their kale to make kale chips and it takes ages. I sometimes put the oven on high for awhile and then put them in for about 10min after I have turned the oven off...tonight I thought I'd cook them with the fish cakes and after 10mins in the oven they were brown, the house smelled and they tasted BAD. I was really looking forward to some nice crispy!

Anyway, dinner was saved with a lovely salad ;-)

No photos tonight as we are still struggling with the internet and also now the electrics in our house. The electrician is coming over tomorrow and I am hoping it is a simple little thing that needs a quick fix. I really hope the whole house doesn't need rewiring as that would be a massive nightmare but I suppose that's what happens when you have a house over 100 years old.

On a positive note, got my nails done today by a new and very lovely beautician. I have been to him twice now and he is very entertaining in addition to obviously being very good at his job! ;-) Chose a pretty purpley colour and love it. Will try to add a photo of my lovely nails next post. But for now will sign off for the night.

Have a good one!

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