Saturday, 18 January 2014

Coffee Drought

It has dawned on me that since the beginning of this year, I have not had as much coffee as I usually do. Perhaps that my friends, this is why I am having more headaches than I usually do! Coffee withdrawal!!

In my attempts to drink more water I have given up my more preferable caffeinated drinks. Each morning I usually have a lovely Nespresso coffee with milk but then, I am not having any more through out the day. Today though, I started my day with two giant mugs of coffee! It was a great morning ;-)

Also I suppose I should add that I have been filling my evenings with tea which I normally don't have but in trying to keep from munching on chocolate all night long (yes, we still have loads of Christmas chocolate) I have been on the tea.

I do have some interesting insider info that a Starbucks has opened nearby and so will obviously have to check out the intel soon!

In addition to my coffee excitement, I also downloaded a new app on my phone called Runkeeper. I had never heard of this app before but that won't be a surprise as I find more and more that I truely am technologically challenged. Since I have never used the app before I took a shorter than usual run around the neighbourhood to see how it all works. I really liked it. I ran down to the canal and back and it was about 3.5 kilometres. I ran it in roughly 23 minutes. Pretty good! I also took some photos on the run so maybe that slowed me down but I was happy for the distraction as it was really cold and rainy this morning.
Local canal

All the fishermen with their umbrellas
In other news, it looks like my husband has finally fixed some of our internet issues! The electrician however has still not been around to check out the flashing light situation. Hopefully he will come over this week but who knows.

Anyone else cutting back on the coffee this year? 

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