Monday, 20 January 2014

Some Days Nothing Gets Done

Some days no matter what I do and no matter how much I do actually accomplish, I feel like I have done nothing worthwhile. Today was a fantastic example of that. This is how my day went and how I felt:

5am Boys are awake!!  I tried desperately to get them back to sleep.
6:30am Gave up on the boys going back to sleep and I set them up to play a game for a bit while I tried to wake up.
7:30am COFFEE and boys breakfasts.
By 9am we are all washed and dressed for the day.
9:15-9:45am Tried to get the boys to either play a new game or go for a walk outside...they finally decided we would all make a fort out of pillows.
9:45-10:30am Baked a banana bread with the boys.

10:45am Dylan went down for a nap and I finished laundry while Frankie coloured in.
11:45am Dylan wakes, both boys want lunch.
12:45pm I have lunch while the boys run around the kitchen table.
1pm I get the boys dressed to go on a walk with the dog. A lot of screaming and crying ensues.
1:30pm We set off on our walk.
2pm We are back from walk, give boys a snack and we read some library books.
3pm My mother and father-in-law pop by for a cup of tea.
3:45pm I start getting things ready for their supper as I have no idea what I will make them.
4:30pm I make them a delish Annabel Karmel chicken noodle meal, they both hate it and Frankie insists the vegetables are making him sick.

5:30pm They begged for the TV so I give in.
6:30pm I can stand it no longer, so start getting them ready for bed.
7pm Both boys are in bed. I quickly tidy and get supper for me and the husband going.
7:20pm Finally sit down to blog.

So you see I have actually had quite a full day and done loads but I just feel a very lazy exhaustion. I guess the problem is that we did not really get out of the house today.

I don't at all mind not leaving the house sometimes. I am certainly not one of those parents that must have an activity or group set up for the children every day. However, I agree with one of my friends when she said 'Mondays are the hardest.'

How has your Monday been? Anyone else have a tricky day with the little ones? 

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