Saturday, 4 January 2014

To Resolve or Not To Resolve

New Year's Resolutions...tricky little things aren't they? The majority of us set out at midnight on the 1st day of each new year with a thing or two (or in some cases a few dozen) that we resolve to change, make better, stop, start, etc... and a majority of that majority decide somewhere between that 1st day of the year and a few weeks later that well, really maybe we'll work on that/those another time ;-)

I really don't know how I feel about New Year's Resolutions. I think I love to hate them. But due to the fact that I am always on a mission to better myself and my surroundings, I am one that resolves not only at the beginning of each new year, but also on my birthday (in May) and again in September (used to be the beginning of a new school year, so why not eh?!). Normally, I forget what I have resolved to do or not do very soon after I have made the decision to do them or not! In fact, in many cases something outside my realm of power stops me from making good on my promises. How on Earth can I stop swearing when a kitchen drawer has fallen out on to my toes very nearly breaking them all; I ask you? ;-)

This year, I have taken a new perspective on the old resolution issue. This year, I have not resolved to do anything in particular, but to work on a couple things with no time lines really. So I guess I am cheating a little here but I feel I can NOT fail!

I feel great already!

So what will I be working on this year?

1) Drink more water. Most of the day, especially living in England, I drink tea all day long. So now I am going to add more wonderful water each day.

2)Take more time for me. I have spent quite a lot of the last few years completely and utterly doing so much for all the boys (husband and dog included), the house and friends that I have forgotten about me. I will still do as much as I can for others don't get me wrong but I am definitely carving out some 'me time' this year. Started this out already with a great manicure and getting back to blogging!

3) Pilates! I found out last year that I have a condition (that many women get after pregnancy) called Diastasis Recti. My case is particularly bad. I have done some physio and now I have been recommended Pilates. I started going to classes at the end of last year and loved them so I plan on making that a big part of my fitness this year.

4) Get back to my pre-baby weight or as close to it as I can. I am not obese. I am only slightly overweight for my frame, but with Diastasis Recti any additional weight hinders getting your abdominal strength back into fighting form. I have about 20lbs I would like to lose although that is not set in stone. As long as I am feeling healthy and getting my stomach back to where it should be I'll be happy.

Christmas present from my sister!
5) Spend more time on people who I care about and care about me. I am a people pleaser. Sometimes I get taken advantage of because of this. I refuse to continue on in relationships with those who really can't be bothered making the effort. I love my friends and family and want to spend my time nurturing those relationships this year!

So those are my things to work on. Five doesn't seem many but they are quality things and I really can't wait to see how they go.

Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? What are some of your's if you have made them?

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