Monday, 13 January 2014

Fitness Plans

Hello! Sorry I left the blog world for a little while. We have been having some internet connection issues here so even though I was planning on saying hello on Sunday, I couldn't.

Rather than recap my fitness successes from last week I will just update you on my plans for the week ahead:

Sunday: Pilates, well, these got cancelled as my gym was still on its Christmas schedule! So had a 40 minute workout in the gym (sans supportive sports bra and iPod...not great people!)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Swimming (hopefully 30 laps or at least 25 in the 33 metre pool)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Spinning in the morning and Running Club in the evening

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Virtual Spin Class and a run on the treadmill

Then with any luck I'll be back in Pilates on Sunday! I can't wait and neither can my abs ;-)

This is pretty similar to the fitness schedule I worked from last week and let me tell you it felt great! Yes, I hurt and was exhausted by the end of the week but I think it is better to feel that way than a very lazy tired if you know what I mean.

A little soggy after Thursday night's run!
I started with a local running club last Thursday. I wasn't really sure upon joining if I would like it. Was I joining to run (back to the couch to 5k plan) or for the social aspect or a bit of both? I decided it is probably more a social thing with the running thrown in for good measure ;-) I was put in the beginners group which was ok since it was my first night (a more advanced group was running a 6k that night) but I felt like I was probably to advanced for the beginners group and not quite ready for the 6k group. I did however meet a nice woman from New Zealand so the running went by quickly with someone nice to get to know. I definitely have to get used to running in the cold and wet but mainly in the dark. I have never really run in the dark before so I am finding it a little strange.

Anyone else have a good fitness plan set up for the week? Advice for running in the dark? 

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